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Wet In Public is a hot new wetting site. Wet in public is really like nothing that is online at the moment. Wetinpublic features hot chicks in public, desperate to pee. They hold on until there desperation gets to great and then wet themselves. Wet in public tries to cater for everyone’s tastes by having these ladies dressed in skirts, shorts and pants including jeans. It is great to watch as they try to wet themselves in public places with out anyone seeing. This works well for the skirt wetting as the wet panties can be hidden but when it comes to pants and jeans there is no hiding the fact that they have wet themselves in public. - Visit "Wet In Public"

Score: 94.0%

While this is a new website it has 162 movies on line. The movies are available to be streamed directly off the site. You can also download the movies to your computer for later enjoyment. The movies come in wmv, DivX and mpeg4 with a choice in size of 1280x720, 720x540 and 360x270. There are picture sets that are with the movies but these are screen shots of the movie and are average quality. The movies last around 6 mins with some longer and others shorter. The movies are a good quality and the variety in wetting scenes and clothing is nice. The skirt scenes have panties underneath and the skirts vary in length and style when they lift their skirt you get to see there wet panties. The scenes with pants seem to have all the chicks nude underneath so when they undo there pants they show there wet vaginas. The movies with shorts wetting are the same no panties underneath that I saw. - Visit "Wet In Public"

Wet in public is a wonderful wetting in public website these models really do wet in public. When they have finished their wetting you get to follow them in there wet clothes. If you love wetting I am betting you will enjoy this website as this is a style of wetting that has not been seen for a while. Overall I really enjoyed this site it has a good amount of movies and I guess that more will get added as the site gets older. The price seems reasonable for the style of movies you are getting. Wetinpublic have a good length trailer movie on their tour page which gives you a good idea of what you will get. - Visit "Wet In Public"

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Picture Size: 1200x800
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